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                                                Consequence of Choice


                                                  I made a choice, years ago.

                                                  It was “simple” he said

                                                  one of us had to got to go.

                                                  A life for a life,

                                                  we were never going to be

                                                  a family, man & wife.

                                                  “Keep it if you wish” he said

                                                  “to you, I can’t dictate

                                                  but please do not be misled.”


                                                  “If it should come to my place

                                                  seeking anything at all

                                                  I shall deny it to its’ face.”


                                                  I take all of the blame,

                                                  the choice was mine to make

                                                  included, all the shame.

                                                  I think about you

                                                  at least once a year.

                                                  It’s something I can’t not do.

                                                  Baby, what could I do?

                                                  I had dreamed so long

                                                  of one day holding you.

                                                  Yet I felt so young,

                                                  alone, my dreams dashed,

                                                  my ideals seemed far flung.


                                                  Even now I shed a tear,

                                                  I can’t really believe

                                                  it has been eighteen year.

                                                  I’ll never have another.

                                                  I couldn’t bear to look

                                                  upon your sister, or brother.


                                                  Baby, I’m sorrier than you know

                                                  I never knew you, or you me,

                                                  yet I really need to let you go.




    Copyright © 2003 by Girlie_Biker/Girlie-Biker.  All rights reserved.
    Revised: 07 Jul 2012 11:45:22 .