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    Wanderings of the Mind


    I jotted this stuff down recently and just put it away as I couldn't decide what to do with it. I found it again tonight and decided to stick it here, make of it what you will;


    Do you ever sit on a bus, a tube, a train and simply wonder…


    Look at the people around you… who are they?

    Where are they going?

    Are they happy?

    Are they loved?

    What do they like?

    Are they kinky?

    What lurks beneath the surface of that dour-faced businessman hiding behind “Analyst Review”?

    (Is he really reading that or has he pasted the cover to a copy of Penthouse!?)


    Why is it so rare to see someone smile?


    Why are we so afraid to speak to the stranger next to us?


    Why would they think us odd if we did?



    Do you know that if you smile, eventually someone will smile back at you


    Laughter is contagious


    We are all more attractive when we look or are happy


    Everything is more bearable if we can laugh at it, even a traffic jam



    Smiling releases feel good hormones, increasing your energy levels, decreasing stress levels and costs nothing

    So why don't we do it more often?  


    Do you ever read the maps left upon the faces of the elderly? Do you see the lines caused by a forehead creased in worry? The laughter lines by smiling eyes? The lines of a constantly down-turned mouth? The angry, stressed, stretched skin of pent up steam? The pursed lips of a disapproving nature? The easy smile of a happy soul? The topography of a happy face, a sad face, a down-trodden face, a triumphant face tells us much of a life; lived to the full or barely touched.


    Do you ever wonder what your map will show? Do you care? What features would you like to see there? You can make it happen… it’s your life, its your face.


    We buy lotions and potions to save our skins from drying and wrinkling, but in the end it’s our life which draws its lines upon us. Live it well and love it and it will draw a picture of joy and happiness, be caught like a mouse in a trap, forever fighting to free yourself and it will show.



    Copyright © 2003 by Girlie_Biker/Girlie-Biker.  All rights reserved.
    Revised: 07 Jul 2012 11:45:20 .