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    Pedestrians and roads


    OK. We all are pedestrians at times - I've actually done a lot of pedding - hill walking, etc. 


    What I would like to know is: Why are pedestrians such lemmings?


    I think we have a pretty decent system of crossings in this country - zebra crossings, pelican crossing, pedestrians refuges where there is not a full crossing. I freely admit that some roads need more crossings, however why do people persist in the following -


    crossing between parked cars into heavy traffic - if you can't see it coming it can't see you


    crossing 10 yards away from the crossing - is that 10 yards really worth risking your safety?


    crossing while the little man is on red - this makes me really mad; the little man is saying its NOT safe - do not then get annoyed with me for hooting at you


    crossing unsafely with children - children are supposed to be the most precious thing in this world; DO NOT put them at risk because you are too stupid/lazy/late to cross safely (what's more you are supposed to be setting them a GOOD example!)


    stepping out without looking in either direction - do you have a death wish?


    stepping out after only looking in one direction - so when did that road become one way!


    assume that because the cars/vans/buses have stopped that everyone else has - motorcycles & cyclists will still hurt if they hit you



    I always stop for people on crossings - if they have made the effort to cross at the correct point, I will make the effort to help them get across. Not everyone does - I have myself been tooted at for stopping (quite correctly) at crossings before now both by cars and motorcycles.


    Just because not everyone does, does not mean that I will change. Equally just because everyone else might cross the road at a stupid place/at the wrong time does not mean you should.


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