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    Cyclists and traffic


    The big one - lots of people have lots to say about them. I don't have too much to say but there are a couple of things which bug me.


    Now don't get me wrong - I own a very fine MTB (mountain bike for those of you non-cycling types) which I enjoy riding on both the road and off road, I'm not a perfect cyclist, but I do try to apply what I know from being a biker and a driver to my advantage.


    However, as with motorists, there are some cyclists who don't seem to think before they act -


    We have some very fine cycle paths in this part of the world, I imagine someone had to work hard to convince the councils to pay for them, put them in, and now maintain them... USE THEM. The A24 in rush hour is not a good place to be! By ignoring the path and sticking to the road you are putting yourself (and others) at risk simply to prove a pathetic point (I am entitled to the road too!!) We would ALL love to have our own little roads! If I could use cycle paths on my motorcycle it would be fantastic!


    I always try to anticipate cyclists movements and allow them plenty of room (I know from experience its not nice when someone is crowding you - you feel even more vulnerable on a cycle than a motorcycle), however I am no mind reader and as you are going to be slower I need some help from you; hand signals if you are going to turn; and for heavens sake - look behind you before pulling across lanes of traffic!


    I agree that you should be given room to utilise the roads, that you should be treated with the same consideration that I would give to other vehicles, however I feel it is only fair that you offer me the same consideration in return...


    Update (2012) - Where I live now (in West Sussex) we get a lot of cyclists. This combined with poor road use by many is making me more and more anti-cyclist. You think you have a 'right' to the road? Fine - go and get cycling insurance. Pay the same road tax as we do for motorbikes. I don't care if you have a car too. So do I and yet I am still required by law to pay road tax twice, and insurance too. You want the same 'rights' as cars and other motor vehicles? Fine. Pay for them.


    Until then; follow the cycle code - never more than two abreast and single file in busy traffic and smaller roads. Until then; use your head, before someone else runs over it.



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