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    My various ramblings;

    Current - Where I update you all with what's happening with me on a semi regular basis (i.e. when I don't forget or when I'm remembering to keep it up to date)

    Online - Where I can post things to my website from anywhere whenever the need strikes - this is new and may not stay if I don't find it useful.



    I'd say this was the first real day of sunshine and what a difference it makes. Very warm, no need for heated grips, in fact I was wishing I didn't have the lining in my jacket it was that warm. I'm pleased that my confidence in my overall riding abilities and filtering abilities is returning faster than with my previous accidents. Confidence in speed is taking a bit longer, however I've never been THAT much of a speed demon anyway. Everything feels faster than I remember it, faster and just MORE of everything. More real, more terrifying (at times) more FUN, more challenging.



    Well, me being me did bring the Zed to work today... :-D I think it was the first day in a long while that I came into work smiling instead of cursing other drivers, the weather, the roads, the car, or just moaning in general. Arriving happier has made my day a far pleasanter one (so far - half two and holding!) so I think that just proves that riding enriches my life whilst driving drives me to distraction!



    Well the weather remains rubbish, freezing cold, either snowing or raining - today started with a pretty snow flurry and has now moved on to thunder storms looking pretty horrid out there... I don't think the weather is helping my apathy and general lethargy. I really need to get a move on and get the rest of my panels to Dennis ASAP if I'm going to see Zed looking spiffy anytime soon.



    I've just checked most of my pages and corrected some of the links which were opening new pages rather than using the current window. If you do spot something wrong, drop me a note and I'll try to fix it. I've noticed that viewers using Mozilla may have some problems with seeing links which are animated .gifs. I haven't found a solution for this yet...



    Having looked around at various sites, and the fascination with the whole "blog" (for anyone who doesn't know what this means - its an online diary or journal) business, I started to think about ways I could post to my website whenever I wanted. Ideally I wanted to find a way of emailing to my site but couldn't find anything that seemed to work. It was then pointed out to me that if I could email I probably had web access so went for this method. I don't yet know how much I'll use it or how useful/interesting/amusing it might be. We shall see...

    Archives - what it says on the tin...

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