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    Stuff I want/need:


    Some of this is more urgent than others, some is just idle speculation but if you happen to have such a thing as I'm thinking of and you're not using it why not let me know, maybe we can do a deal...


    GPZ 500S Parts:


    I'd like to put the twin exhausts back on my GPZ, its got a Kawasaki 2 into 1, which I've cracked anyway (will need to weld it for the MOT) but I do prefer twin pipes/cans I don't really want to spend a fortune though.     NO LONGER NEEDED


    Nosecone - got to get one, colour not really that important but a bonus if its nice. Mines a D1 (I think, 1995)    GOT IT


    Screen - one lug is broken on mine...        NO LONGER NEEDED


    ZZR600E Parts:


    Need a new chain & sprockets soon


    Front discs - at least one of mine is warped (again!)


    Hugger, need a new one, that big puncture ripped mine to pieces    NO LONGER NEEDED


    VTR1000F Parts:


    Super sexy exhausts please, pref high level


    Double bubble screen, pref black


    Harris adjustable rearsets - I'd really like to try these....


    Misc stuff:


    Super motard style Knee/shin protection - the kind that you put over your gear, my new combats/winter trousers leave my knees feeling a little unprotected, I'd like to give something like this a try and see if it makes me feel better


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