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    Stuff for sale:


    GPZ Breaking




    The rest of the stuff -


    Ok - this stuff is sitting in my garage; part of me says keep it all in case I need it one day, part of me says recoup some of my monetary losses, part of me says let someone who needs it have it (anyone who really knows me will understand that one).


    I've not taken any pics of these yet - may get round to it but listen, if you need anything, tell me and I'll give you as much info as I can. Most things listed here are damaged - BUT - can be fixed - if they couldn't, I wouldn't keep them. If you can't fix them yourself - Dennis can.


    Please bear in mind that anything that needs shipping I will have to take to work to send, so it's a real pain (I'll have to either take it in by bike or go down in the car one weekend) so I'll try to avoid that. If you can come collect I'll practically give it away!


    GPZ500S Parts:


    Clutch lever - feels like aluminium - very light, silver anyway, immaculate condition - was only on for a few weeks before I changed it for a black one.


    Clutch switchgear - ie whole unit which clamps to handlebar and connects to clutch cable - minus clutch lever, all black, works and looks fine. Includes grip adjuster wheel. (Doesn't fit properly with the silver lever - another reason why I changed it, lever is not designed to work with the adjuster wheel - works but not fully.)


    Starter motor - brushes have gone however/not in complete working order.


    Nosecone/top fairing - pretty badly damaged but still repairable if you have the time / skills / money    SOLD


    ZZR600E Parts:


    All from my ZZR, 1996 E4 model, all Candy Wine Red except where indicated;


    Brake Lever - including adjuster wheel, end of lever has tarmac graze, however lever is straight and not bent.


    RH Side Mid Panel - fairly deep scratches with the bottom tab broken, however I have the missing piece ready to weld back into place.


    RH Belly Panel - all intact with minor scratches/marks. 


    Mirrors - LH side has some deep scratches, RH side has some dings but nothing massive. Both would need repainting. Please be advised I got these from ebay last year and had them repainted to my colour - I'm not positive which year/model they came off of, however they fit my bike but I always had the feeling they were a tad older than mine... don't ask me why!. Oh, and one of the little plastic black caps is missing.


    Nosecone - I have two of these, one from my RH crash and one from my LH smash. Both have the relevant side lug for the indicator smashed off, however I have both of these ready to weld back on. The one from the LH smash also has a piece missing at the LH edge - I'm fairly confident that Dennis could weld something to it and remodel it, but talk to him first - and email me for pics (assuming I've done it by then).


    Grips - I have a set of original Kwak grips from when I put my heated grips on, used but nothing obvious. I also have a brand new Kwak grip from when I had to buy a new throttle tube......... (don't make me remember that!!!!)


    Clock surround - Two cracks, some sticky stuff & two little screw holes (I had my heated grip control stuck and screwed to it), and a missing screw tab. I do have the tab, ready to be welded back on.


    Front & Rear wheels - black. I bought them off ebay and from the paint underneath I would say they had been blue at some stage.  The front wheel has some deep scratches on the rim on the LH side. If I could be bothered, these could be filed smooth and either retouched or just respray the wheel. Both wheels could do with a respray ideally. Both look straight. neither would come with anything - straightforward wheels (well unless you count whatever worn out tyre is left).


    Original clear screen.


    Set of standard exhaust cans & link pipes




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